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Cojinete de máquina textil

Cojinete de máquina textil

  • Cojinete de máquina textil

Textile machine is used to make textiles, e.g. knit fabrics, weave yarn, and etc. The bearings for textile machine usually do not bear heavy load. However, the working condition makes the bearings easily rusted, corrupted or worn out.. The bearing failure will cause unplanned downtime which is costly in terms of lost productivity, and increase the labor cost in maintenance and replacement.

Textile Machine Bearing


We has rich experience in designing and manufacturing bearings for textile machines. We have designed plastic rod end bearings especially for textile machines. The advantages of these bearings are anti rust and corrosion, self-lubricated, light weighted and with low noise as well. It also reduces the maintenance time and creates more value for customers.